I have a 6 year old who loves chicken and 5 year old who only likes mac n cheese and a 2 year old who eats everything. I started Jan. 1st on a vegetarian diet and my husband started 2 weeks ago. We decided that meats are really bad and want our children to go vegetarain too. Any ideas on how to do this and make it fun and tastey would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Oh, goodness, litmama, please don’t listen to anyone who tells you meat is necessary for children’s growth. It’s not meat, but PROTEIN, that is essential for growing kids, and protein can come from non-meat sources. I have been vegetarian for three years and I envy those young people who parents have been vegetarian and who raised them from childhood to be vegetarian, too.

There are many websites which can help you start your family on a vegetarian diet, which is the healthiest, most compassionate, most environment-friendly decision you’ve made. VegFamily.com is one of them. I think there is also a website called VegetarianBaby.com for children under 3.

Congratulations on making this decision. I hope that you stick to your vegetarian diet, not just for your health, but for that of the environment, too.

I have been on a vegetarian diet for the last year and 8 months, and I am starting to feel concerned about the negatives about not eating meat. Can you help me out?
I’m not a vegetarian for diet purposes. I just wanted to know if my body is missing out on anything important because of the vegetarianism.


I’m a veggie too. Been one for almost 3 years.

Pros: increase in health (I have not had the common cold or anything the past 3 years), feel more energetic, aware, good for the planet, good for some animals. In some cases can clear your skin up and aid digestion.

Cons: not as much protein or iron as you should be getting

But there are a BILLION ways to get protein/iron: beans, nuts, spinach/leafy greens, dairy (if you choose to eat; I am lactose intolerant so I cannot eat any), soy products, whole grains…just about every food has some protein in it (just read the food labels)

For iron, take an iron pill or a multi-vitamin along with your diet.

I’m starting a vegetarian diet permanently for health reasons but I want to know how to do it correctly. I’ve been doing for a few days and I feel really tired, what should I be eating and taking in that I’ll get all health benefits?


One of the main changes you will need to make on a vegetarian diet is making sure that you’re getting protein from non-animal sources since most people ordinarily get most of their protein from meats. Try to get at least 50 g protein per day. Vegetarian foods rich in protein include eggs, egg whites, tofu, tempeh, beans, hummus, meat replacement products (such as Boca Burgers and Smart Dogs), yogurt, milk and cheese.
You should also try to make sure that you’re getting enough iron. Iron is contained in bran, oatmeal, swiss chard, spinach, lentils, tofu, black beans and several other products.
If you’re aiming to eat healthier, you should also try to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet since most people generally don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and veggies are best, but you can also get them in soups, juices, canned forms and put them in other foods that you’re eating.
Also, try to keep your fat consumption below 30% of your total calories, and try to choose whole grain products and foods that are less refined over the more refined foods.
Good luck.
PS. If you’re still looking for more information, these websites might be helpful:





In having items sent from one place to another whether locally or internationally, getting reputable shipping company’s assistance is the primary order of business. The issue is, how will you choose among the large number of shipping companies? To answer this question, we must have an idea what features you need to search for to make sure that you are working together with the proper shipping company.

To begin with, you might want so that you can properly make evaluations and comparisons among the different shipping companies in Singapore to come up with a list of them. When selecting a shipping company, try and evaluate how well they take good care of things entrusted to them. There is a good shipping company well-known for exercising caution and due diligence for the things they are going to deliver.

Many shipping companies will have distinct strategies into pulling customers should you try and notice. What you should take note of is their added-value services, especially their warranty policies. You will see a shipping company that is good when they will replace any item which has been lost because of shortcomings on their part and provide warranties for the safety of your thing.

So as to nail dependable shipping companies you should also contemplate how timely they are not unable to provide the things they shipped. That is an essential variable for you since your standing will be in jeopardy if your clients experience delays in receiving their items if a business owner delivering your goods to your clients are you.

As with any deliveries that are international, you will have deal with customs policies before your items can arrive to your own addressee. Accordingly, in choosing among the numerous shipping companies only consider those who are experienced in shipping to an extensive range of international destinations and the ones that can give you advice how to get through customs with minimal or no fuss.

And before you make your decision among different shipping companies do not forget to do some research with regards to service quality and their track record, notably about each one. You may wish to get in touch using their previous customers and ask how they’ll rate the services offered by those shipping companies.

There is no denying that the prevalence of criminal actions will be a risk no matter what we do, but this doesn’t imply that we can’t do something to reduce that risk. Luckily, we now have technology on the side also it can really make a significant difference within our house’s protection. With a digital surveillance system set up, you’ll manage to have peace of mind.

Most homeowners cringe regarding the thought of installing a surveillance program in their residence mainly because of the prices entailed, but that is not actually the case now. Surveillance equipment has been caused by advancements in the industry to be less expensive than ever. Come to think of it, the price actually doesn’t matter contemplating that you are investing on your family’s security and security.

The thing about having a surveillance system even if you just have a very fundamental setup is that it works as an excellent deterrent against potential offenders. It’s very likely that a individual with evil intentions will have second thoughts about his plans after a security digicam is seen. Security cameras today are usually competent to send an alarm to the householder or the police department in case of property violation.

Security cameras are often put just beyond the leading gate or somewhere next to the doorsill so that the homeowner can certainly tell who’s knocking in the door before opening it. If you’re sleeping in the center of the night time and you also hear some odd noises in your lawn, you can only check in the screen what or who is inducing the disruption.

Many surveillance cameras now possess the capability to broadcast footage instantly through the internet. These devices are described as IP cameras and are very useful when you are not at house. You’ll have the capacity to check on your kids while they’re getting taken care of by the babysitter or simply just to monitor every thing when nobody is home.

Within an unfortunate event that your house becomes robbed by burglars, the footage recorded by your surveillance program can function as excellent evidence not only to monitor who the perpetrators are but additionally to put them behind bars. The storage medium for the surveillance gear is mostly located in a secure location and hence burglars won’t be capable to ruin the evidence even if they trash the cams.

House surveillance equipment at the moment are advanced enough they could even supply warnings when a potential weather interference such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and hail. It can also be used to remotely control appliances like air conditioning and heaters.

You ought to have the capacity to do it on your own, in installing a surveillance system for your home or you can also hire a specialist to make sure it is done correctly. Most homeowners prefer using wireless cameras since they remove the hassle of needing to use wires.

If you like seeing the shows of Dr. Mehmet Oz, you know about his recommendations of using supplements in order to improve your well-being and general standard of living. Among the most well received conversations while in the physician’s show may be the only about saffron infusion. This is mainly due to the exceptional fat loss properties and how it may suppress one’s appetite. But besides, slimming down, you can find additional benefits of saffron nutritional supplement you should be aware of.

It’s a well-known fact that saffron is commonly used like a spice and coloring agent in your kitchen, but were you aware that it may also give a myriad of health benefits? As mentioned earlier, this nutritional supplement can effectively suppress your appetite and this could finally help you lose weight. By using saffron supplement before meals, it’s going to be easier for you to prevent overeating while at the same time obtaining a longer sense of satiation.

A lot of people who participate in binge eating normally say that they do it like a response to emotional triggers such as anxiety, boredom, as well as depression. By using saffron extract, your serotonin levels within your brain will undoubtedly be enhanced and what this does is let you get particularly in charge of your emotions and mood. This way, you won’t be absorbed by your emotions and you’ll less prone to give in to your hunger and cravings.

It might be intriguing to understand that Dr. Oz came up with the experiment of his own to check precisely how true the advantages of saffron supplement are. What he did was simply take two girls volunteers and let them take saffron infusion while giving them independence to eat whatever they want. When it comes to results, they were able to minimize the frequency of their snacking and decrease their cravings for harmful foods. Over the week end, one woman lost 5 pounds along with the other dropped 3 pounds.

One of the more fascinating advantages of saffron nutritional supplement is an increased self esteem and a far more stable emotional health. Along the way, you’ll sense just like a totally new person and have a feeling of fulfillment. This can also enable you to become much more adept at picking healthier food that will not only jumpstart your healthy life style but also aid you to los pounds and make sure it stays off forever.

The best part about the benefits of saffron supplement is that it is all-organic and won’t cause any side-effects. This supplement stems in the Saffron crocus plant, especially from its bloom’s stigma. There’s evidence that reveals saffron extract may also offer relief for different kinds of health problems like asthma, coughing, intestinal fuel, acid reflux, and sleeplessness.

Dr. Oz did not endorse a certain brand of saffron nutritional supplement – what he did was recommended what you must look for before buying one. One among them was to look for a proprietary mixture called Satiereal. This is because this is used in clinical studies and it is featured in bulk of well known manufacturers. And the best part in using this supplement is that you just do not have to break the bank to obtain a month’s offer. The truth is, you might even find makers offering free try out.

You might want to start shifting some things in your lifestyle, if you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of saffron supplement while in the best way possible. For starters, why don’t you make exertions to eat healthy and pick up some kind of physical activity within your program? When you begin losing weight the healthy way, there is a better chance keeping away from a variety of diseases of civilization such as heart attack, cancer, and diabetes.

By including a trusted storage method in your Hong Kong warehouse, you can guarantee that all its available storage room may be maximized effectively. This can help to avoid incurring unnecessary operational and storage costs, which then helps optimize your profit as well. Examples of commonly used warehouse storage systems contain mezzanine, pallet racks, and cantilever storage systems.

In case your Hong Kong warehouse is experiencing a fair share of devastation, reduction, and theft of products, it could be that you don’t own a warehouse storage system set up or the one that you are employing isn’t suitable for your business needs. Utilizing the right storage system can make it easier to track the flow of your goods as it goes into and out-of your warehouse.

Against the pallet racking system, you’ll possess the benefits of keeping goods of different types, sizes, shapes, and fat. Pallet racks are flexible and flexible, and they’re able to be custom-suited to your storage needs. Because pallet racks might be stacked on top of every other, more of the vertical space of your Hong Kong warehouse might be used so that your floor area can accommodate more items.

Pallet racks can also be easy to put in and reinstalled; if pallets have to be transferred from one place to another, forklifts make this task convenient. Even in the event that you have an existent storage system in your Hong Kong warehouse, including this storage system will be a breeze. For security and security, pallet racks have safety locks to safeguard your valuable goods.

You may also need to look into mezzanine racking systems – they are built to resemble another floor as part of your Hong Kong warehouse, offering you enough storage area that could either be roll-formed, structural, rack supported, or shelf-supported. Like pallet racks, additionally, it effectively makes good use of the aerial area of your own warehouse.

For quite long things such as aluminum sheets, PVC conduits, lumber, and plywood sheets, using the cantilever racking system is the ideal choice. It’s made up of the vertical column, arms, base, and cross bracing. As a space efficient and cost effective storage apparatus, cantilever racks may also be altered to meet the storage requirements of the Hong Kong warehouse.

Because it was highlighted in the Dr. Oz Display, much ballyhoo has been made in green coffee bean extract. The promises are the same – the infusion can promote weight reduction, often without needing to shift one’s diet and engaging in just about any physical exercise. So with all this buzz surrounding this new magic weight loss supplement, how will you be sure that this is not only another overhyped product?

It’s quite known that caffeine has something to do with losing weight, but to be honest, it’s not the case with green coffee-bean extract. It keeps a high degree of the material known as chlorogenic acid, because green coffee is not roasted and it’s the real deal in regards to helping individuals shed weight. Chlorogenic acid is what lowers your body’s absorption of fat and glucose, which eventually contributes to weight loss.

To prove his point, Dr. Oz developed his own study on green coffee. There were 100 girls who participated in this study and those who took the infusion dropped 2 pounds of fat in the common. Take note that the research was done within two weeks and using 400 mg of chlorogenic acid. There was also a similar study done in the American Chemical Society for 22 weeks along with the typical weight lost was 22 lbs.

If you are going to find, there was no specific brand or product recommended by Dr. Oz because he did not want to be linked with any one of them. But he gave pointers as to how to select a good product, one being the minimum number of chlorogenic acid, which must be at 45 percent.

It’s not uncommon to find a great deal of low-quality green coffee extracts in the marketplace today because of the greater popularity it has acquired. Bearing this in your mind, it’s crucial to be equipped with the information that will assist you identify which product is worth buying. You always ought to read what exactly is stated in the label, particularly the elements list. A good product needs to be pure and free of fillers or additives.

The coffee-bean extract shouldn’t have any extra quantity of caffeine besides what it is likely to include naturally. A superb benchmark should be to have only 20mg of caffeine for every 800mg of chlorogenic acid. At this speed, you get less than 20% caffeine in comparison to regular roasted coffee. Over indulgence with caffeine generally contributes to increased heart rate, insomnia, nervousness, and restlessness.

You should also be cautious about overboard claims concerning the efficacy of a particular green coffee bean for weight loss. It’s likewise important that they clearly state what ingredients their merchandise is created of and the type of processing that it experiences.

Bear in mind though that to any kind of supplements, there must be some hard work and discipline on your part if you want to reach the most favorable results. Most people think that they will forego having a healthful diet and exercise and just take green coffee bean extract – it is simply not the most excellent path to take if you need to actually lose weight the healthy way and keep if off eternally.

If you’re thinking about becoming a Singapore commercial photographer, you can be sure that you are in for a creative and thrilling profession that cans open doors to many other opportunities. Keep in mind though, that in order to be successful in this field, you must be passionate about photography and be willing to spend a great deal of time for mastering the craft and money for the equipment.

Several years ago, only professional photographers usually have the means to afford SLR’s or single-reflex cameras and it is those times were films were used as medium. With the digital age, SLR’s have become D-SLR’s and it has made these gadgets more affordable and easier to use. Today, even novice users can easily learn how to take professional-quality shots in just a short period of time.

As a Singapore commercial photographer, you have a great potential for earning a good amount of money depending on your skills and experience. Many of the commercial photographers that are out there usually work as a freelancer, while there are also some who get a part-time or full-time job as a staff for advertising agencies or publishing companies.

There are also commercial photographers who opt to put up their own business, usually a studio that caters to a wide range of clients requiring portraits to be taken. Their studio can also offer photo coverage of special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, baptisms, and other parties. Digital photo coverage usually makes up the bulk of their businesses.

A great way to start your career as a Singapore commercial photographer is by getting proper training first. Before you can specialize in commercial photography, you must first master digital photography. Nowadays, attending short courses and seminars can be an excellent route to take, just be sure that your instructor is a renowned professional in the industry. Online photography courses are available as well.

As you go along the path to becoming a Singapore commercial photographer, acquiring experience is a must. So how much of it should you get? The answer is, as much as possible. In any area of photography, learning is a lifelong process and the more experience you have, the more proficient you can become. A good way to start is by offering your service to friends and family and start building a great portfolio from it.

You may also want to join several photographer associations and clubs so that you can interact with fellow photographers and learn from them as well. This will help you develop connections that will be of great use in the long run. It is also a good idea to join photography forums on the internet and join the online community for sharing ideas and tips that can help you in improving your skills as a photographer.

Working as a Singapore commercial photographer can indeed be a lucrative profession, but you need to be highly proficient and experienced in order to excel in this industry. The competition can be very tight in commercial photography, and that is why you need to come up with ways to innovate yourself continuously and make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd.

With so much hype being gathered by the “holy-grail” of weight loss-supplements known as garcinia cambogia, it’s not surprising why a lot of people are getting hooked. One question that people have is that, what is the secret behind this supplement? Based on the studies by medical experts, it is the hydroxycitric acid in garcinia cambogia that helped it earn its reputation.

If you are looking for a diet supplement that will help you to curb your appetite, keep your system from producing fat, and energize your health in a variety of ways, then giving garcinia cambogia is well worth it. With the help of hydroxycitric acid in garcinia cambogia, you can now achieve the figure you want the natural way. Of course it will work best if you combine it with healthy eating and adequate exercise.

According to scientists, hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is found in a wide range of plants and the most potent amounts can be found in garcinia cambogia. If you try to notice several diet and weight-loss supplements the substance known as HCA can be found on the ingredients list. HCA works by preventing fat from being stored on the body.

With the hydroxycitric acid in garcinia cambogia, your body will get the tools it needs in order to take your metabolism to the next level and make it into an anti-fat machine. Studies have shown that HCA is safe and natural, therefore you can be confident about using it. Now you have a safe and natural way of getting rid of those love handles, get toned arms and legs, and have the waistline of your dreams.

With garcinia cambogia by your side effectively suppressing your appetite, you won’t have any problems when it comes to avoiding snacking unnecessarily throughout the day. It can work wonders with your hormones, allowing your system to efficiently signal you once you are already full. You should also be able to avoid overeating due to the increased stress levels in your body.

Even though there are a lot of positive benefits surrounding the use of garcinia cambogia, you must still be careful about using it when you have certain medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Those with diabetes are advised to consult their doctors before taking it. For pregnant and breastfeeding women, avoiding it completely is strongly advised.

The hydroxycitric acid in garcinia cambogia is said to be safe if taken in the recommended dosage. It is usually taken 3 times a day before meals, but experts say that no more than 3000mg should be taken at any given day. However, if are not sure whether taking this supplement is actually safe for your health, it is always best to consult your doctor first.

You should also look into the hydroxycitric acid in garcinia cambogia a supplement has. Ideally, it should be 50% at the minimum. It is also important that it has about 800 to 1000mg of HCA for it to have maximum efficacy. Make sure you read the list of ingredients too – it should not have caffeine, niacin, binders, fillers, and other artificial stuff.

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